We specialise in high pressure, water mist fire suppression systems which protect valuable resources and critical facilities of the clients’ business. Our K-FOG® fire suppression system is FM approved for providing a high pressure water mist protection system for the protection of industrial oil cookers. Typical water mist fire suppression applications include: – Food production factories, Commercial fryer and ovens, Fuel stores, Chemical stores, Gas turbines, Engines, Generators and Transformers. Each of our systems are bespoke to the clients’ requirements and our services generally include, but are not limited to:
  • Design and calculation of high pressure water mist systems.

  • Design and supply of fire detection alarm.

  • Design and supply of water mist activation systems.

  • Supply of the specialist hardware and installation materials suitable for the application.

  • Experienced supervision and installers to installation, testing and commission the system.

  • Producing preliminary and as-fitted drawings.

  • Providing user manuals for the client.

  • Routine servicing of system.

  • Supplying and installing of spare parts.